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"I wanna dance with you under the starry sky"=)
Can’t wait to go back=)
Photos from various Bloggers. Props to them for amazing photos. =)
OoOOoOOoOOo weeeeekend!!

BG design from SB Dillon.
I hope he wont get mad at for for stealing his wallpaper lol
I really hope that I can make enough money out of this program to travel around asia=)
If youre craving for asian street foods but lives far away from asia, just read an article about it!. Just like me!
Photo from:Tiffany Wan’s Blog
Visit her blog for more street foods=)!
I dont usually like shoes with straps but this Radii is pretty awesome!
Visit their website for more of their collection=)
Radii Footwear Official Webpage
I just had to blog about this! Colpap!
"Colpap" is a popular street food for kids in Korea.
Specially designed for travelling.  
This jst amazed me. I mean who would’nt?! Why would you suffer from holding your food and with both hands! Just put it on top of each other!I mean you can put 4 stacks of different snacks! You can even text while you eat and drink! 
I got this from Kyeongeun Choi’s youtube Channel 
Watch more of her videos to learn about Korean culture and language! Goodies!=)
600 - 800$ Dior Homme Sneakers. G-Dragon was so lucky to wear this shoes. lol just sayin..
Photo from: technotoki
After taking almost 8 pictures of Jericho Beach in Vancouver BC, I finaly got to create a decent panorama. Dont hate if its too dark, its my first time editing a whole picture.
Props to my Adobe IIlustrator/Photoshop for teaching me Photomerge and Fill:Content Aware. Watch out for more images here and on my flickr.
Dress up like an ahjussi! Walk it out like a real pro!-_-